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The Full Stack Online Business

Up Start Digitals Web-store Full Package is for our clients that want to systematically dominate their niche. It is constructed in a vert systematic process. 

  1. Accurately identify a niche by first uploading a large amount of products to eBay via product sourcing or drop shipping. This will help us to identify a niche or group of products that are selling consistently. This process should be ongoing for the lifetime of the business.

  2. Once we have identified successful products in the current market we can now design our website around them. So at this point we build the website and begin branding.

  3. Once this is done marketing research can begin. This involves a variety of research techniques to fine a winning marketing strategy. Once a winning marketing strategy has been identified it is time to invest and pursue this. This process should be ongoing for the lifetime of the business.

  4. Once our eBay and websites are moving along nicely. we then begin to develop or Amazon. We should have a really good idea about which products are moving consistently and now we can open or Amazon FBA(fulfilled by Amazon) store. We will then source these products and send them through to Amazon.

  5. This is not a 1 time process but should operate like an ongoing service for the lifetime of the business.  Meaning we are always first testing products on eBay then bringing them to our website where we test our marketing strategies to then sourcing the winning products for Amazon. Repeat


  • eBay Store

  • Full construction of website.

  • Amazon FBA store

  • SEO on site set up

  • Product pages set up

  • Checkout

  • All payments software

  • Upsell features

  • Email collection

  • Product research, access and sourcing

  • Brand design

  • Domain and email

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr set up and linked together.

  • 7pm 1 hour training

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